All About ME - Poem by Lisa Whight

I wake up in the morning
As tired as when I went to bed,
My joints and bones are aching
From my toes up to my head.

Can I pull the curtains?
Can I stand the light?
The only time my eyes don't hurt
Is in the darkness of the night.

My fingers they are numb,
Can I hold my cup of tea?
I ask that endless question,
What is happening to M.E?

How can I be so tired,
And always in such pain?
I want things to be like they used to be,
I want to work again!

For thirty years I worked so hard,
To earn an honest pay.
Now I have to pace myself,
To make it through the day!

I want to carry on,
And do things that are nice,
But I can not dance at parties,
If I do I pay the price!

I can not plan my diary,
In case of how I feel,
Days out and visiting people,
Or just a simple meal!

I know I have to take this illness,
One day at a time,
But I cross my fingers and pray to God
That one day I'll feel fine.

Without my husband, family and friends,
I don't know how I'd cope.
I've got to accept I've got M.E.
And never give up hope!

Always try to enjoy your life,
In all you do and see.
Cos you never know what's round the corner,
I never thought it would happen to M.E.!